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Book of Ra - Playing online

Play Book of Ra online


and become really rich while doing it!!
Payouts of MORE THAN 1.593.875 US-Dollars !
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The Book of Ra Insidertrick

Read instructions completely, use the insider tricks and become rich today!

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Your way to success
Your way to success

Play Book of Ra now!
(detailed instructions)

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Why is it possible to gain money while playing Book of Ra online without fail?

Even if Book of Ra is a well-known game from the days of amusement arcades, it enjoys a dubious reputation that keeps us from playing rather then leads to it. But the statistics speak already clear signs: The payout ratio for online casinos is between 95% and 99%; Gambling halls are with 60% to 65% well lower. Online casinos also come with a bonus for the first deposit (up to 50%), so you're able to play more games with a higher bank roll for free - you won't find this in any arcade in any city.


The crucial difference that between online casinos and arcades is in the programing: The gambling machines known from the arcades are based on a random programming, while the software of online casinos are responding to the playing habits of any player. With this the online casinos try to generate the maximum revenue . But if you know how this system works - and we're telling you right now - you will definitely win and you'll get more money than you've ever dreamed of.

You want to turn the tide? Play here!

While playing Book of Ra or Sizzeling Hot with using the inside trick and changing your playing habits like we told you, you're able to win thousands and more dollars.

But beware: As long as we probably all want to benefit from the insider tactics, they should not be told. Also, we give them only limited to the outside. If you decide to give it a friend, be sure that you can trust him and only than give him the link to this page.

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What exactly do I have to do to win?

First of all you have to register at the following link:

Click here!

You will now be forwarded to the online casino where you have to register a test account. After successful registration you will receive a confirmation link via e-mail with which you have to verify the account.

It's important to verify your account, because after verification the online casino will start analyzing your playing habits!

This will be made possible with 500 Stars - the play money of the online casino - which you'll get after registration. Under ,,Casino" you should choose between the games Book of Ra and Sizzeling Hot now ... depending on in which game you will be successful later.

The trick starts now:

Start playing Book of Ra or Sizzeling Hot now with beding 40 Stars until your bank roll is down to 300 Stars. If you earn winnings double up your bet (80 Stars) until your bank roll is down to 300 Stars again. You have to stop playing with play money now! Close your current game now and insinuate the online casino that you're not longer interested in playing with play money.

Upgrade your test account to a real money account now, fill in your name, address and all the information you're asked for and deposit at least 25 US-Dollars - but the trick will also work with $50, $100 or more. You can usePaySafeCards, Moneybookers, Neteller (you have to register for both),manual transfer or online-banking.

After your deposit you will receive a bonus from 25% to 50% of your deposit (depending on the amount) which let your bank roll grow from $50 to $75. You can use this for playing your favorite game (Book of Ra or Sizzeling Hot) too - but keep playing the game you played with play money..


You're now taking the advantage you have in online casinos and not in arcades:

In order to fool the online casino, don't start playing with minimum bets - raise your bets to 0,80 Cent or 1 Dollar. As the experience has shown, you'll get free bonus rounds very soon with which the online casino will make you keep playing. But you have to pay attention! When your start money increased from 75 Dollars to 130 Dollars, don't go mad and do not raise your bets just you got free bonus rounds. You have to fool the online casino with consistent bets, so you will get more winnings because the casino wants you to raise bets. If you notice this, you will not only be enticed with more free games, but also increase profits. Going even one step further and decrease your bet to 50 Cents after playing for a while, the software stars thinking that you stop counting on more profits at this time. So you'll get even more profits. After this you should raise to 80 Cents or 1 Dollar again and keep playing.


Now there's the only moment where luck is needed:

The software has stored two cases in its programming: Either you get even higher profits after increasing your bets, because the software thinks you are now followed the lure and start making higher bets ... or you will get not as much as you got before. If you won't get as much money as you got before, you should pay out your bank roll or start playing another game (Sizzling Hot for example) and use the trick in this.

Register now - get rich today!

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Gambling can be addictive. Tactics based on experience and can lead to total loss. According to the definition of gambling, the odds are only slightly influenced.